Youngji Chi 

Youngji Chi. contemporary jewelry. art in jewelry. Jewelry design Joyería Barcelona Diseño Barcelona Arte Barcelona. Seoul, Korea
1968, Seoul, Korea
2020 One of The 32 Winners of the Arte Y Joya Award, 스페인
2020 The Collector Award of Katalin Spengler, Art Jewelry Night Budapest, 헝가리
Subtle observation_ The curiosity about people and things makes me observe and reason them at a certain distance. This is my hobby and the extracted visual information and senses are the basis for my work through interaction with me. If certain element is defined when I start the work, I select an expression object that by considering characteristics and texture. This process is divided into ‘from the inside’ and ‘from the outside’ in methodical way. They include ways to objectify the inside and increase the number, and to combine different objects into one to complete it. Like this, the work is dismantled and reconstructed. In order to lead the orders and disorganization, visual convergence, morphological juxtaposition, the process of drilling, flat shape, overlapping, color combination are carried out, and my art pieces appear as a kind of symbol or image that form the relationship with others.