Tensi Solsona

Tensi Solsona. Diseñador de Joyas. Diseñador de Lleida. Joyería Barcelona. Joyas de diseño. Plata. Oro. Silver. Gold
1968 Lleida, Catalunya (E)
1994 Graduated in Jewelry from the “Escola Massana” Barcelona
1995 – Official graduate of “La Llotja” Barcelona
2014- Diploma of Master Craftsman awarded by the Department of Business and Employment. Government of Catalonia.Work experience.
1994- Internship in the workshop of Wilghelm Mattar in the city of Artà, Mallorca.
1999/2009- Management of the ÒXIDA Joies gallery, Lleida.
Designer jewelry since 1993. Exhibited in various galleries in Europe, USA, Canada and Japan.
2005- Organization of workshops on casting techniques for LA CAIXA.
2007- Organization of workshops on casting techniques with earth and casting with sepia bone for the school of arts and crafts Arsenal Vilafranca del Penedès.
2008- 2010- 2012 -2014- 2016.  Collaboration with the jewelry section of lESCOLA MASSANA, in foundry workshops.
Collaboration with Carles Codina, professor of jewelry at lESCOLA MASSANA, in his books on jewelry techniques «COLOR TEXTURAS Y ACABADOS» and «MODELADO Y FUNDICION» by Parramon.
2011 – 2012 – 2013  – 2014 Teacher of jewelry techniques at the Escola Massana
1993 First prize in the «idees Massana-Barça» contest. Permanent installation of a mosaic of ceramic plates in the lobby of the «Nou Camp» tribune.
2002 First prize. Professional ENJOIA’T competition, ORFEBRES FAD Barcelona.