Dongyi Wu

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Dongyi Wu is a contemporary jewelry artist who was born and raised in China. She received her Master’s Degree at Rochester Institute of Technology in USA, and her Bachelor’s Degree at the Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology in China. She is currently working and living in San Antonio, USA.
Dongyi has her works shown worldwide, including four national and international solo shows, and group shows such as Schmuck 2018 in Munich, Germany. Most recently, Dongyi was selected to be one of the winners of Preziosa Young 2020 in Italy, and finalists for the Lydon Emerging Artist Program (LEAP award) in the United States.
As a contemporary jewelry artist, exploring and recording types of emotions by wearable art is always essential for Dongyi’s exploration. Inspired by the different types of emotions from her experiences, literary works, and psychology research, Dongyi creates her narrative jewelry works by transforming various alternative materials. Dongyi likens herself as a storyteller to narrate those life scenes that seem to be trivial and common, but it can express strong, intensive, and genuine emotions.